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Modified Deo...

It was not the usual FRIDAY that every one of us experienced. For a very few it was TGIF. The feeling was while my parents experienced the social freedom; this generation witnessing the economic freedom. On my part as never before preparation; stocked my lunch dinner the previous day night itself. (For a change felt Arnab was sitting in my room and debating). The three seated Sofa was emptied to accommodate my various postures. The focus has been on the Wave M. Each Sip of water never gave a kick. Everyone wanted to live by the time. The clock lost its existence for a day. Its labour by the minute was never measured. It was Moment and never the Minute.
The feeling was parabolic with infinite expectations; it was such that anyone would have packed their bags and headed towards the Mother Land. It won't be a wonder if one had filled in the immigration alighting form the reason as "M". It is akin to the Deo Ad which attracts everyone around you. Such was the gravitation pushing some to Zero and erstwhile proponents as opponents. The days of Madam Proposes Man disposes are over. Welcome to Man Proposes M disposes. While the opponents created opinion on the Man Friday; he weaved and allowed opinion to be formed. While it is the season of Aam unfortunately it was perfectly ripe for the Man Friday to party. Beyond doubt it is the victory of the democracy (financial equivalent of markets) that is the cause of celebration. The Man looks unfinished in his agenda if one observes each and every crafted speech of his. He is carrying sword of honey to cut hard core opponents who have no choice but to bow to the man of the Moment.